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Let's get


 Hello there!

Thank you for popping into my little domain "By the Brooke". Here is where I plop anything that I make that inspires me, hopefully so it can inspire you too!

I may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with writing generators and honest to goodness, could waste so much time on them. I mean, of course I do, I've coded some. And here is where you can find them along with a few writing tips and tricks I may share along the way.

Hopefully see ya round!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Generator Suggestion?

Go to the menu tab titled "feedback". Type what you want to suggest into the box and I'll receive your suggestion directly to my email inbox! 

Looking for something specific?

Go to the "other" menu tab and find the "search" menu item. You can do a manual search for what you're looking for there! 

Wanna share specific results or an idea inspired from one of my generators?

I have a forum where I greatly encourage you to do so! Who knows? You might meet someone new or inspire someone else!
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